22 Cal. - #1 Shrewd Muzzle Brake by Keeno Arms

Typically ships within 24 hours.
1.57 Ounces
0.625" (1.59cm)
2.625" (6.67cm)
Requires Timing:

Multi-port brake softens felt recoil and reduces muzzle rise. A single expansion chamber and 42 total ports angled 8° forward, provide increased recoil control. Gases and sound are directed forward, away from the shooter. Made in the USA.


Gunsmithing required. Comes with a .220" (nominal) diameter exit hole that must be opened up to .020" larger than bullet diameter. For calibers over .308 you will have to open up the inside diameter completely through the muzzle brake. Ensure there is a minimum of 0.125" wall thickness per side after opening to the proper diameter.